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Below you will find information and links presented by the webmaster of this site. Some history, some stats, information about many of the scripts and links to many sources of information for webmasters.


The original Nickey's Postcards was born about March of 1998 with 15 images and no music capability. It was hosted at that time by Dragonfire.net who allowed us to maintain our own perl scripts. Dragonfire was never the most reliable host but for the money it couldn't be beat. The site grew on Dragonfire and actually gained a bit of a following drawing 400 visits a day to the index at it's peak. In February of 1999 Dragonfire underwent administrative changes that reduced the reliability of the server even further. Down periods of several days were frequent and the final straw was a three week period of down time. Needless to say any following we'd built was gone and it was time to either chuck Nickey's Postcards or get serious about it.

We decided to partner with Dragontear.com and on the 1st of September, 1999 NickeysPostcards.com was born. With the new URL also came a new look and added content.

By the year 2001 the content on the site was outgrowing the NickeysPostcards.com domain. In March of 2001 NickeySurf.com was born and integration of NickeysPostcards.com into the wide range of content available on the NickeySurf Network began. Expansion and enhancement of current content, as always, continues.


As of 12-26-2005 the NickeySurf Network occupied aproximately 670 mb. The postcards images occupied about 30 mb, the sound files about 205 mb, the perl scripts and their data files about 57 mb and the sql databases about 142 mb.


Some of the software I find invaluable in the creation and maintenance of The NickeySurf Network: Homesite, Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software and WebRazor Pro by Ulead Systems.

There are several webpage enhancements available to webmasters from The NickeySurf Network. You can add the searchable Timeless Quotations archive to your site, offer the fully searchable archive of historical events, births and deaths It's History, Nickey's Postcards E-card of the Moment, Nickey's Postcards Today In History and Quote of the Day.

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