Welcome to our service. The Start Your Day E-mail Service brings you an html e-mail each morning with your current weather, quote of the day, excerpts from the day in history and reminders you can set up to be included on the days you specify. You can view what the Start Your Day E-mail looks like here.

This is an Opt In list. Upon signing up you will be sent an introductory e-mail containing a link. You must visit this link in your browser to complete the sign-up. This insures that you yourself did in fact sign up and also allows you to easily opt out of the service so that even if someone else were to try to sign you up it would fail.

Enter your e-mail address and password below to begin receiving the Start Your Day E-mail each morning (approximatlely 6 AM Eastern).

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Remember this is a html mailing. If you can't view e-mail as a web page this service will not work for you.

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