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Quote of the Day draws from an archive of over 13,000 quotations to display a new random quotation each day. It is fully configurable to fit in with your web page.

You can add Quote of the Day to your own web page by copying the code in the text box below to the place you want Quote of the Day to appear in your document.

In Windows you can click on the textbox and press Ctrl A to select 'All' and then press Ctrl C to copy it to the clipboard. Then click the point in your web document where you'd like to place the Quote of the Day and press Ctrl V to paste the code there.

The html on the second line containing the text "Quote of the Day" can be changed to suit your needs. Set the variables to your preferences for font face, font color and font size and you're all set. DO NOT change anything outside the double quotes in the javascript.

The code above produces Quote of the Day as shown below.

Quote of the Day

The example below has the font face set to Arial, the font size set to 2 and font color set to white. The code is enclosed in a table with the width set to 275 and a red background. The font tag has been used to set the text "Today's Quote" to match the quote text.

Today's Quote

You can also add Timeless Quotations, It's History, E-Card Of The Moment and Today In History to your web pages.