Today In History displays events and births for the current date in history. You can add Today In History to your web page by following these simple instructions.

Copy everything in the text box below to the place you want the Today In History table in your document.

In Windows you can click on the textbox and press Ctrl A to select 'All' and then press Ctrl C to copy it to the clipboard. Then click the point in your web document where you'd like to place the Today In History table and press Ctrl V to paste the code there.

Set the style classes to your preferences for the Today In History text and section headers. DO NOT change anything else.

The example below has the text size set to 8pt and the code is enclosed in a table to limit the width to 325 pixels.

You can also add Timeless Quotations, It's History, E-Card Of The Moment and Quote of the Day to your web pages.

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