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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investors should brace for a possible replay of the 1987 stock market crash later this year, given this month's slump came against the backdrop of Federal Reserve interest rate... . . more
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A fund managed directly by Alan Howard, one of Britains best known investors, lost nearly 9.0 percent net of fees from May through December 2017, according to information... . . more
Some veteran investors who were vindicated in calling for a pullback in shares and a spike in volatility could now be cheering. Actually, they're looking at the risks that still lie ahead in the... . . more
CHICAGO (Reuters) - The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters. . . more
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Financial advisors and smaller retail investors, wary that inflation may be brewing again, ratcheted up their bets on funds in Morningstar's Commodities Broad Basket fund... . . more
LONDON (Reuters) - Shipping stocks may still be in the doldrums in the view of many investors, but hedge funds have bet at least $675 million on signs of renewed buoyancy in the industry. . . more
ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Switzerland has not seen any major inward or outward movement of funds from Saudi Arabia, the chairman of the Swiss Bankers Association said on Monday when asked whether he had... . . more
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. fund investors fled the riskier corners of the debt market, pulling the second-highest amount of cash on record from high-yield "junk" bonds during the latest week, Lipper... . . more
NEW YORK (Reuters) - One bank has expressed its regrets for the unraveling volatility trade. . . more
NEW YORK (Reuters) - So, were the stock market's fears about inflation ... inflated? . . more

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