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Crunchy and tasty, yes, but could carrots also strengthen cement and cut carbon dioxide emissions for the building industry? . . more
More than 124,000 homes and businesses in Florida and Georgia were still without power on Friday in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, power companies said. . . more
Britain should bring forward a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by eight years to 2032 to help the country reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, a parliamentary committee said on Friday. . . more
A Japanese maker of earthquake shock absorbers said on Friday that at least 70 buildings across the country may have used its products for which quality data was falsified and that nearly 1,000 are suspected of having done so. . . more
Germany's transport minister said on Friday that carmakers have not yet submitted retrofit kits for manipulated diesel cars for which his administration could grant approval. . . more
China's environment ministry on Friday called out officials in a northwestern coal producing zone for lacking the "will" to fight pollution, the latest region to come under scrutiny in Beijing's war on smog. . . more
A city in China's No. 2 steelmaking province Jiangsu plans to cut output of steel, coke and other raw materials in winter, as part of its efforts to improve air quality, state-owned media reported on Friday. . . more
Norwegian Air will adopt new technologies from Sweden's Avtech which will cut CO2 emissions by 16,000 tonnes per year - or a reduction of 5,000 tonnes of fuel, the budget airliner said in a press release on Friday. . . more
Ten cities in China's northern Hebei province, including top steelmaking city Tangshan, have issued second level or "orange" pollution alerts, forcing industrial plants to cut output. . . more
Cherry blossoms across Japan have bloomed six months early after two powerful typhoons pummeled the country in September, stripping leaves, bringing a warm snap and turning the trees unseasonably pink. . . more
Production cuts ordered for this winter by China's top steelmaking city Tangshan look less restrictive than last year, analysts said, potentially keeping output high even as the city seeks to fight pollution by cutting smokestack smog. . . more
With a toxic smog beginning to envelop New Delhi as winter approaches, residents of the Indian capital are set to make matters a lot worse by burning hundreds of thousands of firecrackers to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali early next month. . . more
Officials in Japan, one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries, on Thursday ordered a company that falsified data on the quality of its quake shock absorbers to replace its products in hundreds of buildings. . . more
A sewage spill from a Florida wastewater plant during Hurricane Michael into a river feeding environmentally fragile Apalachicola Bay is suspected of causing mass fish kills downstream, state officials said on Thursday. . . more
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler said on Thursday the agency has the authority to allow sales of higher-ethanol blends of gasoline year-round without an act of Congress, and hopes the oil industry will drop its threat of a lawsuit to stop the move. . . more

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