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Welcome to It's History! for yesterday, Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

Events for yesterday in history Birthdays  Deaths
0235 St Anterus begins his reign as Catholic Pope
0496 St Gelasius I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0695 Pope Sergius names Willibrord as archbishop Clemens of Friezen
1317 Frederik of Sierck/Zyrick becomes bishop of Utrecht
1492 Pinta under Martín A Pinzón separates from Columbus' fleet
1620 Pilgrim Fathers reach America: Provincetown Harbor, Mass
1620 Mayflower Compact signed by Pilgrims in Cape Cod
1654 Richard Johnson, a free black, granted 550 acres in Virginia
1696 J Vanbrughes "Relapse or Virtue in Danger," premieres in London
1729 Netherlands signs Treaty of Seville
1759 Battle at Maxen: Prussian army surrenders to Austrians
1783 Pilƒtre de Rozier & Marquis d'Arlandes make 1st free balloon flight
1787 Andrew Jackson admitted to bar
1789 North Carolina ratifies constitution, becomes 12th US state
1794 Honolulu Harbor discovered
1806 Decree of Berlin: Emperor Napoleon I bans all trade with England
1813 Stettin surrenders to allied armies
1818 Russia's Czar Alexander I petitions for a Jewish state in Palestine
1824 1st Jewish Reform congregation forms, Charleston, SC
1834 HMS Beagle anchors at Bay of San Carlos, Chile
1837 Thomas Morris of Australia skips rope 22,806 times
1847 Steamer "Phoenix" is lost on Lake Michigan, kills 200
1848 Alfred de Musset's "André del Sarto," premieres in Paris
1848 Cincinnati Turngemeinde founded
1849 Friedrich Hebbel's "Der Rubin," premieres in Vienna
1852 Duke U, founded in 1838 as Union Institute chartered as Normal College
1864 -22] Battle at Griswoldville, Georgia
1865 Shaw University forms in Raleigh NC
1871 Moses F Gale patents a cigar lighter (NYC)
1871 The 1st human cannonball, Emilio Onra, is shot
1876 Skirmish between HM Stanley's expedition & natives
1877 Tom Edison announces his "talking machine" invention (phonograph)
1880 Henry Stanley & Pierre de Brazza quarrel about possession of Congo
1895 Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Bruce Partington Plans" (BG)
1901 Richard Strauss' opera "Feuersnot," premieres in Dresden
1902 1st night football game, Phila Athletics beats Kanaweola AC, 39-0
1902 Baseball's Phila Athletics & Phillies form pro football teams, joining Pitts Stars in 1st attempt at a National Football League
1905 1st game ever played in the Australian Tennis Open
1906 China prohibits opium trade
1914 Billy Mallett of Hamilton Tigers kicks 9 singles in a game
1914 British army conquerors Bazra
1917 M Gorki calls Lenin a blind fanatic/unthinking adventurer
1918 2 German ammunition trains explode in Hamont Belgium, 1,750 die
1918 Polish soldiers organize a pogrom against Jews of Galicia Poland
1920 Karel Capék's "Vec Makropulos," premieres in Prague
1920 Mussolini's squad begins terror, 11 die in Bologna Italy
1922 Rebecca L Felton (Ga) sworn in as 1st female US Senator
1924 British premier Baldwin cancels Labor contract with USSR
1925 Red Grange plays final Univ of Illinois game, signs with Chicago Bears
1933 1st US ambassador to USSR, W.C. Bullitt, begins service
1934 "Uiver" returns from Schiphol in London-Melbourne air race
1934 NY Yankees buy Joe DiMaggio from SF Seals (Pacific Coast League)
1935 1st commercial crossing of Pacific by plane (China Clipper)
1935 Jean Giraudoux' "La Guerre de Troie n'Aura," premieres in Paris
1937 Dmitri Shostakovitch's 5th Symphony premieres in Lenningrad
1938 -24] Belgian king Leopold III visits Netherlands
1938 Nazi forces occupy western Czech & declared them German citizens
1940 Nazi occupiers forbid building schools in Netherlands
1942 Tweety Bird, aka Tweety Pie, debuts in "Tale of Two Kitties"
1943 7 Belgian ministers in London sentence King Leopold III
1944 Personnel & executive staff of Philips demonstrate for more food
1945 Benjamin Britten's 2nd String quartet in C, premieres
1945 General Motors workers go on strike
1946 Georgi Dimitrov elected premier of Bulgaria
1946 Harry Truman becomes 1st US president to travel in a submerged sub
1947 Bill Longson beats Lou Thesz in St Louis, to become wrestling champ
1949 Bill Veeck sells Indians for $22 million
1952 1st US postage stamp in 2 colors (rotary process) introduced
1952 Dodgers pitcher Joe Black wins NL Rookie of Year
1953 "Pitdown Man," discovered in 1912 proved to be a hoax
1953 WKJG TV channel 33 in Ft Wayne, IN (NBC) begins broadcasting
1955 Argentina asks Panama for return of ex-president Perón
1955 KTVO TV channel 3 in Ottumwa-Kirksville, IA (ABC) begins broadcasting
1956 Don Newcombe, wins NL MVP & 1st-ever Cy Young Award
1959 Jack Benny (violin) & Richard Nixon (piano) play their famed duet
1960 Bob Scheffing signs to manage Tigers after Casey Stengel turns it down
1963 JFK flies to Texas
1964 "Something More!" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC after 15 perfs
1964 "Zizi" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 49 performances
1964 Pope Paul VI signs 3rd sitting of 2nd Vatican council
1964 World's longest suspension bridge "Verrazano Narrows" opens (NYC)
1965 1st freighter arrives in Ashdod Port Israel
1965 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1966 Dutch govt of Zijlstra forms
1967 Phillip & Jay Kunz fly a kite a record 28,000 feet
1968 Cin trades shortstop Leo Cardenas to Twins for pitcher Jim Merritt
1968 Supremes & Temptations release "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
1968 Yoko Ono suffers a miscarriage
1969 KXIX (now KVCT) TV channel 19 in Victoria, TX (ABC) 1st broadcast
1969 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1970 NY Knicks 1st game against Cleve Cavalier, Knicks win 102-94 at MSG
1971 NY Rangers scores a NHL record 8 goals in 1 period
1971 Richard Baker becomes teacher of SF Zen Center
1972 Red Sox Carlton Fisk wins AL Rookie of Year, Mets Jon Matlack wins NL
1973 Pete Rose wins NL MVP
1973 Pres Nixon's attorney, J Fred Buzhardt, reveals presence of 18« minute gap in a White House tape recording related to Watergate
1974 Freedom of Information Act passed by Congress over Pres Ford's veto
1975 Linda McCartney drug charges in US are dropped
1977 1st flight of Concorde (London to New York)
1977 Orioles 1st baseman Eddie Murray wins AL Rookie of Year
1978 Bob Horner of Braves wins NL Rookie of Year Award
1979 Crowd at Islamabad, Pakistan attack US embassy, 1 dies
1980 Dallas' "Who Shot JR?" episode (Kristen) gets a 53.3 rating (83 mill)
1980 Fire at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas kills 84
1980 Gene Michael named 25th Yank mgr, replacing Dick Howser, who resigns
1980 It is revealed Kristen shot J.R. Ewing on "Dallas"
1980 John & Yoko pose nude for photographer Allan Tannenbaum
1980 MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas in fire; 84 die
1981 400,000 demonstrate in Amsterdam against cruise missiles
1981 Olivia Newton-John's "Physical," single goes #1 & stays for 10 weeks
1983 "Doonesbury" opens at Biltmore Theater NYC for 104 performances
1983 NY Ranger Ron Greschner marries model Carol Alt
1986 Central African Republic adopts constitution
1986 Suriname army leader Desi Bouterse massacres Moiwana village
1987 Actress Demi Moore marries actor Bruce Willis
1987 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Epitome, Ferdinand, Miesque, Sacahuista, Success Express, Theatrica, Very Subtle at Hollywood
1989 Law banning smoking on most domestic flights signed by Pres Bush
1989 TV cameras permitted in British House of Commons
1990 Michael Milken is sentenced to 10 years for security law violations
1991 Poetess Maria Elene Cruz Varela arrested in Cuba
1992 Jan Karlsson swims world record 50m butterfly (23.80 sec)
1992 Jani Sievinen swims world record 100m medley (53.78 sec)
1992 Louise Karlsson swims world record 50m freestyle (31.19 sec)
1992 Oregon Sen Bob Packwood issues apology for unwelcome sexual advances
1992 Sam's Town Bowling Invitational won by Tish Johnson
1993 "Cinderella" closes at New York State Theater NYC after 14 perfs
1993 "Cyrano - The Musical" opens at Neil Simon Theater NYC for 137 perfs
1993 Neo-fascists MSI win 36% of municipal elections in Rome
1994 1st-class cricket debut of Andrew Symonds (Queensland v NSW, SCG)
1995 Dow Jones closes above 5,000 for 1st time
1995 Israel grants jailed US spy Jason Pollard, citizenship
1995 New double Beatle CD released with new song "Free as a Bird"
1996 "Rehearsal" opens at Criterion Theater NYC
Birthdays for yesterday in history Events  Deaths
1495John Bale, England, bishop/anti-catholic playwright (Kynge Johan)
1561Carolus Scribani, Italian/Flemish jesuit/author
1637Catharina Questiers, Dutch poetess (Friend of Abandoned Child)
1645Johann Lohner, composer
1683Johann Michael Muller, composer
1692Carlo Fragoni, Italy, poet
1694Voltaire, [François-Marie Arouet], France, thinker (Candide)
1724John Ekels, the Old, Amsterdam painter/cartoonist
1729Josiah Bartlett, US physician/judge/signer (Decl of Independence)
1742Alessandro Felici, composer
1768Friedrich Schleiermacher, German theologist/philosopher
1785William Beaumont, surgeon (studied digestion)
1787Barry Cornwall, [Bryan Waller Procter], British? poet
1787Samuel Cunard, founder (1st regular Atlantic steamship line)
1817Richard Brooke Garnett, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1863
1828William McComb, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1918
1829Peter A de Genestet, Dutch vicar/poet
1831John Franklin Miller, Bvt Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), died in 1886
1834Henrietta (Hetty) Green, financier (Witch of Wall Street)
1834Joseph Jackson Bartlett, Bvt Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), died in 1893
1840Victoria, Empress of Germany/Queen of Prussia
1851Désiré J Mercier, Belgian philosopher/cardinal
1852Francisco Tarrega y Eixea, composer
1853Hussain Kamil, sultan of Egypt (1914-17)
1854Benedict XV, [Giacomo PGB marques della Chiessa], 258th Pope (1914-22)
1861Joao da Cruz, Brazilian poet
1863Arthur Quiller-Couch, [Q], editor (Oxford Book of English Verse)
1863Mina Dilis-Beersmans, Flemish actress/wife of John Dilis (Poppenhuis)
1867Vladimir N Ipatiev, Russian chemist
1870Joe Darling, cricketer (Australian lefty batsman at turn of century)
1870Stanley Jackson, cricketer (captain of England, governor of Bengal)
1871Panayot Pipkov, composer
1877Louis Campbell-Tipton, composer
1877Sigfrid Karg-Elert, composer
1878Gustav Radbruch, German lawyer/minister of Justice
1880Franz Hessel, writer
1886Harold G Nicolson, English diplomat/author (Good Behaviour)
1894Corinne Griffith, Texarkana TX, actress (3 Hours, Lilies of Field)
1898René Magritte, Belgian surrealistic painter (This is Not a Pipe)
1900Alice Calhoun, Cleveland OH, Silent film actress (Flowing Gold)
1900Jobyna Ralston, South Pittsburgh TN, actress (For Heaven's Sake)
1902Michail A Suslov, Russian party ideologist [OS=Nov 8]
1904Coleman Hawkins, virtually created tenor saxophone for jazz
1905David Moule-Evans, composer
1907Charles Korvin, Czechoslovakia, actor (Berlin Express, Ship of Fools)
1907Jim Bishop, author (The Day Lincoln was Shot)
1907M Eleonore Lippits, 1st Dutch female missionary doctor
1908Franz Pfnr, Germany, slalom (Olympic-gold-1936)
1912Anne Bolt, photo-journalist/trade unionist
1912Eleanor Powell, Springfield Mass, actress/tap dancer (Bdwy Melody)
1916Cecilia P J "Cilly" Bach, Dutch/US/Spanish actress (In Pyama)
1916Esmond Kentish, cricketer (WI fast bowler in 2 Tests 1948 & 1954)
1916Sid Luckman, NFL QB (Chicago Bears)
1917Sem Presser, Dutch press photographer
1920Ralph Meeker, Minneapolis MN, actor (Anderson Tapes, Night Stalker)
1920Stan Musial, outfielder (St Louis Cardinal, 7 times NL bat champ)
1921Geza Anda, Hungarian/Swiss pianist (Mozart/Bartók)
1921Vivian Blaine, Newark NJ, actress (Guys & Dolls, Skirts Ahoy)
1922Maria Casares, La Coruna Spain, French actress (Orpheus, Lectrice)
1925Johan "Poncke" Princen, KNIL-defector/civil rights in Djakarta
1927Joseph Campanella, NYC, actor (Dr Steffen-The Nurses, Lou-Mannix)
1929Marilyn French, US author (The Women's Room)
1931Malcolm Williamson, composer
1932Jim Ringo, NFL center (Green Bay, Philadelphia)
1932Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, composer
1933Frank Brake, English multi-millionaire
1933Henry Hartsfield Jr, Birmingham Ala, astro (STS-4, STS 41-D, STS 61A)
1933Jean Shepard, Pauls Valley Okla, country singer (Ozark Jubilee)
1934Laurence Luckinbill, Ft Smith Ark, actor (Delphi Bureau, Ike)
1934Peter Philpott, cricketer (NSW & Australian leg spinner 1965-66)
1936James De Preist, Philadelphia Penn, conductor (Mitropolos 1964)
1937Marlo Thomas, [Mrs Phil Donahue], Detroit Mich (That Girl!, Jenny)
1938Robert Drivas, [Choromokos], Chicago, actor (Our Private World)
1939Rick Lenz, Springfield Ill, actor (Hec Ramsey, Scandalous John)
1940Dr John, [Rebennack], New Orleans La, vocalist (I Was in Right Place)
1940Javed Akhtar, cricketer (Pakistani off-spinner took 0-52 in 1962 Test)
1940Natalia Makarova, Leningrad, ballerina (Kirov)/defected 1970
1941David Porter, US songwriter (Soul Man)
1941George Morren, Flemish painter/sculptor
1941Juliet Mills, London England, actress (Nanny & the Professor, QB VII)
1942Tweety Bird, cartoon character
1943Larry Mahan, Oregon, rodeo champ (1967-70)
1944Earl "the Pearl" Monroe, Phila Pa, NBA Guard (NY Knicks, Balt Bullets)
1944Harold Ramis, Chicago IL, actor/director (SCTV, Stripes)
1944Marcia "Marcy" Carsey, TV executive/producer
1944Richard J Durbin, (Rep-D-IL, 1983- )
1945Goldie Hawn, Takoma Park Md, actress (Laugh-in, Private Benjamin)
1946Jonas Tomasson, composer
1947Dick W de Cloe, Dutch MP (PvdA)
1948Alphonse Mouson, rocker
1948Lonnie Jordan, San Diego Ca, rock keyboardist/vocalist (War)
1949Basil Williams, cricketer (century on debut for West Indies 1978)
1949Nickolas Grace, Cheshire England, actor (Diamond's Edge)
1950Alberto Juantorena, Cuba, 400m dash (Olympic-gold-1976)
1950Bruce Laird, cricketer (tough Australian opener 1979-82)
1950Livingston Taylor, Boston, rocker (I Will be in Love With You)
1952Deborah Shelton, Wash DC, actress (Dallas, Ocean Kill, Body Double)
1952Eamonn Coghlan, Ireland, 1500m runner (Oly-4th-76)
1952Lorna Luft, Scarsdale NY, singer/actress (Where the Boys Are-1980)
1953Tina Brown, journalist publisher (New Yorker, Tattler)
1956Mariana Simionescu, Tirgu Neamt Romania, 1st wife of Bjorn Borg
1956Terri Welles, [Knepper], Calif, playmate of the year (Dec, 1980)
1957Jim Brown, rocker (UB40-Red Red Wine)
1958Evert van Benthem, Dutch skater (11 Cities Skating Race, 1985, 86)
1958Frank Edmonds, Thunder Bay Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (1989 Alberta)
1958Tim Robinson, cricketer (solid England opener in 29 Tests 1984-89)
1959Colin Beashel, Australian star yachter (Olympics-96)
1959Tim Wilkison, Shelby NC, tennis player (WCT Atlanta finals-1986)
1963Nicollette Sheridan, Worthing England, actress (Paige-Knots Landing)
1963Peter Bosz, Dutch soccer star (Toulon/Feyenoord)
1964Marjorie Judith Vincent, Oak Park Ill, Miss America (1991)
1964Olden Polynice, NBA forward/center (Sacramento Kings)
1964Thomas Everett, NFL safety (Tampa Bay Bucs)
1965Bjork, Iceland, singer (Like Someone in Love)
1966Jerry Fontenot, NFL center/guard (Chic Bears, New Orleans Saints)
1966Troy Aikman, NFL quarterback (Dallas Cowboys - Superbowl 1992)
1967Dominic Lavoie, hockey defenseman (Team Austria 1998)
1967Kelly Gallagher, Myrtle Beach SC, playmate (Sep, 1994)
1968Andy Caddick, English cricket pace bowler (NZ 1993)
1968Antonio Tarver, Orlando Fla, light heavyweight boxer (Olympics-br-96)
1969Dahlia Salem, Boston Mass, actress (Sofia Carlino-Another World)
1969Ken Griffy Jr, centerfielder (Seattle Mariners, MVP 1997)
1970Dahlia Salem, actress (Sofia Carlino-Another World) [approx 1970]
1970Jorgen Gustafsson, WLAF guard (Amsterdam Admirals)
1970Justin Langer, cricketer (gutsy Australian lefty bat 1993- )
1970Keith Crawford, wide receiver (St Louis Rams)
1971Michael Strahan, NFL defensive end (NY Giants)
1971Ramondo Stallings, NFL defensive end (Cin Bengals)
1971Robert Flickinger, WLAF defensive end (Scottish Claymores)
1973Brent Smith, tackle (Miami Dolphins)
1973Danny Kanell, quarterback (NY Giants)
1974Casey Patton, London Ontario, boxer (Olympics-96)
1974Tremain Mack, strong safety (Cincinnati Bengals)
1975Chad Levitt, running back (Oakland Raiders)
1975Cherie Johnson, Pitts Pa, actress (Cherie-Punky Brewster)
1976Saleem Elahi, cricketer (bro of Manzoor Pak, Test opener v Aust 1995)
1980Danielle Hartsell, Ann Arbor Mich, pairs skater (& Steve Hartsell)
Deaths for yesterday in history Events  Birthdays
1481Ikkyu Sojun, Zen head of Daitokuji temple, dies in Kyoto, Japan at 87
1555Georg Agricola, [Bauer], German mineralogist (zinc), dies at 61
1580Willem Van Hoorn, baron of Heze, governor of Brussels, executed
1610Benedict van Canfield, [William Fish], English missionary, dies
1624Jakob Böhme, German philosophical mystic, dies (birth date unknown)
1695Henry Purcell, English composer (Indian Queen), dies at 36
1710Barnardo Pasquini, composer, dies at 72
1728Fjodor M graaf Apraksin, Russian gen-admiral, dies at about 57
1811Heinrich W von Kleist, German playwright, dies at 34
1813William Russell, composer, dies at 36
1817Richard B Garnett, killed during Pickett's Charge, Brig Gen
1830K roly Kisfaludy, Hungarian literary (Iréne, Moh cs), dies at 44
1863Joseph Mayseder, composer, dies at 74
1870Karel J Erben, Czech poet (Ruiker), dies at 69
1875Friedrich A Lange, philosopher/socialist (Neo-Kantianism), dies at 67
1882Sergei G Netsjajev, Russian nihilist, dies at 35
1899Garret Augustus Hobart, 24th VP, dies
1900J J Ferris, cricketer (48 wickets for Aust in 8 Tests in 1880's), dies
1907Gaetano Braga, composer, dies at 78
1907Harry Boyle, round-arm cricket bowler (12 of Aust's early Tests), dies
1916Franz Jozef I, King of Austria/Hungary, dies
1920Caryl Florio, composer, dies at 77
1920William James Robjohn, composer, dies at 77
1928Hermann Sudermann, German author (Frau Sorge), dies
1932Vito Pardo, Italian sculptor (Columbus monument Argentina), dies
1938Leopold Godowsky, pianist/composer, dies at 68
1940Geoffrey Legge, cricketer (WWII 196 Eng v NZ Auckland 1930), dies
1941Juanita Spellini, first women executed in Calif
1942James Barry M Hertzog, South African premier (1914-39), dies at 76
1945Robert Benchley, US humorist (My 10 years in a quandary), dies at 56
1948Bokke RS Pollema journalist/author (Lock of hair & l˜en), dies at 65
1952Henriëtte Roland Holst-de Schalk, marxist author, dies at 82
1952William Green, union chairman (AFL 1924-52), dies at 79
1954Karol Rathaus, composer, dies at 59
1954Prof Werner Elert, German Lutheran theologist, dies at 69
1958Mel Ott, NY Giant baseball star (1926-1947), dies at 49
1959Max Baer, US, heavyweight boxing champ (1934), dies at 49
1963Luis Cernuda, Spanish poet (Perfil del Aire), dies at 61
1963Pierre Blanchar, actor (Man From Nowhere), dies at 71
1963Robert Stroud, "bird man of Alcatraz", dies
1967Florence Reed, actress (Black Panther Club), dies after illness at 84
1972Karel H ba, Czech violinist/composer, dies at 74
1974Frank Martin, Swiss composer (In Terra Fax), dies at 84
1975G Gunnarsson, writer, dies at 86
1976Niles Welch, actor (Cornered), dies at 88
1980Jim Parks Sr, Kent cricket all-rounder (only Test for England), dies
1981Harry Von Zell, TV announcer (Burns & Allen), dies at 75
1982Lee Patrick, actress (Henrietta-Topper, Maltese Falcon), dies at 75
1985Ramnath Kenny, cricketer (5 Tests for India 1958-60), dies
1986Jerry Colonna, actor (Jerry Colonna Show), dies at 82
1987James E Folsom, (Alabama-Gov, 1947-51, 1955-59), dies at 79
1991Sonny Werblin, NY sports impresario, dies at 81
1991Prior Jones, West Indian cricket pace bowler (9 Tests 1948-52), dies
1991David "Sonny" Werblin, AFL owner (NY Jets), dies at 81
1991Daniel Mann, US director (Rose tattoo), dies of heart failure at 79
1992Kaysone Phomvihane, PM of Laos (1975-91), dies
1992Severino Gazzelloni, Italian flautist, dies
1993Bill Bixby, actor (My Favorite Martian), dies of prostate cancer at 59
1993Christopher Frank, director/actor (Annee Des Meduses), dies at 50
1993Emile Ardolino, director (Sister Act), dies of AIDS at 50
1993Jim McLaughlin, Buffalo radio newsman (WKBW), dies at 59
1994Manfred Longer, Austrian/Dutch gay disco owner, dies at 42
1995Dorothy Jeakins, costume designer, dies at 81
1995George Ivan Smith, diplomat, dies at 80
1995Peter Grant, rock band manager, dies at 60
1995Smilin' Jim Eames, singer/songwriter, dies at 71
1996Bernard William George Rose, organist, dies at 80
1996Edward George Edwards, chenist, dies at 82
1996Virginia Downing, actress (Gig, Butterfield 8), dies at 92
1997Ismail Fahmi, external minister of Egypt in (1973-77), dies

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