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Below are the 10 last played games. Click an image or game name to play.

Click to play Hearts The classic card game Hearts in all it's glory.
played 4,433 times last 12/11/17 6:43:09 AM
Click to play Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle is of a happy little cartoon island. With a happy little cartoon shark.
played 4,175 times last 12/11/17 6:42:39 AM
Click to play Super Drift 2 Put the pedal to the medal and floor it through the straights and drift around tough turns as you race your way around the world in the cars of your choosing in Super Drift 2.
played 2,240 times last 12/11/17 6:42:09 AM
Click to play The Shell Game Guess which cup the ball is under in this online version of The Shell Game.
played 3,547 times last 12/11/17 6:41:38 AM
Click to play Puzzle Maniax Puzzle Maniax features 10 jigsaw puzzles and 3 difficulty levels. Get as much done as you can before time runs out. Click a piece to rotate it then drag it to the correct place on the board.
played 3,602 times last 12/11/17 6:41:08 AM
Click to play Dots II In Dots II you need to create boxes out of the lines drawn from one dot to the other. It's a simple concept; very difficult to master. Score as many boxes as you can. This is a really easy game right? think again!
played 298 times last 12/11/17 6:40:38 AM
Click to play Assembots In Assembots guide your robots to their destination. Assign tasks at the correct moment. Use your mouse to instruct each robot of their job. Be sure to use pause if you need a little more time to plan your route. Scroll through the challenge by moving your mouse to the sides of the screen.
played 144 times last 12/11/17 6:40:07 AM
Click to play Pic-N-Pair Sports Pic-N-Pair Sports is a race against the clock as you try to match names with their sports.
played 3,767 times last 12/11/17 6:39:06 AM
Click to play Memory Family Guy Flip over two cards, if they match they will disappear, if they don't... remember them and flip over more cards. Win by matching all the cards in Memory Family Guy.
played 1,870 times last 12/11/17 6:38:36 AM
Click to play Sheriff Tripeaks In Sheriff Tripeaks you need to find the card with one number above or one number below the show card. You only get three chances to undo your move in one game.
played 5,226 times last 12/11/17 6:38:06 AM

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